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Pacific GeneTech and Medion to set up Hercules adjuvant manufacturing in new facility

4 September, 2017 - Pacific GeneTech (PGT) and Medion has signed a joint venture agreement and has completed the set-up of a manufacturing plant for the production of Hercules in Bandung, Indonesia. The plant commissioning will be in early 2018 and the facility will supply Hercules in the SE Asian region and beyond.


Hercules is a universal adjuvant/delivery system designed to deliver selected antigens to the immune system's antigen-presenting cells.  The technology is particularly effective in boosting mucosal immunity in orally or nasally-administered vaccines.







About Pacific GeneTech

Pacific GeneTech ( develops and commercializes next-generation vaccines and biologics for areas of high unmet or underserved needs in food safety and animal health. PGT's proprietary "Aegis" vaccine platform combines cross-protective antigens and immunopotentiators in PGT vectors for broad spectrum protection against multiple strains and species of infectious diseases. The PGT vaccines can be administered orally or by injection in both live and inactivated forms. PGT's "Hercules" adjuvant/delivery system provides enhanced efficacy of inactivated and DNA vaccines, and its "Argo" yeast vector is a safe, flexible and robust carrier of immunogenic material.


PGT has out-licensed two of its leading poultry vaccines addressing economically important gastro-intestinal pathogens and has out-licensed its Hercules adjuvant for use in third-party vaccines. Vaccines for other pathogens and animal species are under development, including an experimental DNA vaccine for African Swine Fever. PGT is developing other applications for its Hercules adjuvant/delivery system and for the Argo vector. PGT, through its affiliate company, PGTx, has commenced programs with collaborators addressing human dysentery and related diseases, and malaria.

About Medion

Established in 1976 in Indonesia, Medion is an animal health company focusing on poultry & livestock. The company produces a wide range of high-quality pharmaceuticals and equipment for farming practice. Its product range is supported by laboratory services catered for farmers.


Medion has manufactured poultry vaccines under the Medivac brand since 1993, then later launched a series of herbal products under the brand of Mediherba in 2013. Stringent quality controls are conducted at all levels, from raw materials to finished products, using sophisticated equipment and the latest technology.


Medion strives to continually innovate to meet its customers' needs and improve their capabilities, also focusing on alternatives to antibiotic inputs,including the use of modern farming equipment. Having distributed its products to more than 20 countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe, Medion will actively expand its presence to more countries in the coming years.

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