Pacific GeneTech develops and commercializes next-generation vaccines which target areas of high unmet need in livestock animal health and food safety using Aegis, our proprietary development platform.

Our vaccines offer broad cross protection against pathogen strains and are complemented by the Hercules Universal Adjuvant System, an exclusive universal adjuvant proven to boost efficacy.  Learn more about our pipeline of vaccines.

Pacific GeneTech holds exclusive global rights to all vaccines developed on the Aegis platform and to the Hercules Universal Adjuvant System.

We leverage our deep relationships with world-class institutions to identify high value discovery-stage opportunities. Additionally, we in-licenses novel vaccine technologies to take them to commercialisation through licensing and partnership agreements with global and regional partners, including:

What makes PGT’s Aegis Vaccine Platform Different

Aegis vaccines’ broad cross protection eliminates need for multiple vaccines and addresses the problem of mutation

  • Cross-protection
  • Oral delivery
  • Low cost manufacturing