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Mission Statement and Commitments to Social Responsibility and Sustainability
PGT develops and commercializes next-generation vaccines and biologics targeting areas of high unmet needs in animal and human health. We embrace the One Health concept where human and animal wellbeing are interdependent, and this includes the area of zoonotic diseases.  Our mission is to develop and provide products in a manner that is socially responsible and sustainable and that will contribute to protecting and enhancing the lives of people and animals around the world.
Commitment to Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Pacific GeneTech was borne out of our founders’ desire to work with innovators and institutions to bring their impactful ideas to fruition for the betterment of society. Our belief from the outset and through today is that we and our partners can make significant contributions to society by using the latest technologies to develop new generations of vaccines and related biologic products that improve animal and human health, secure the world’s food supply and improve the global environment.

We believe that the more successful we are in achieving our responsibility and sustainability goals, the more successful we will be as a company. Responsibility and sustainability are part of everything we do – from developing innovative vaccines against infectious diseases to managing the impact of our operations on local and global communities. Our commitment to our investors is to provide a  rate of return that is financially rewarding while contributing equally to our collective social well-being and sustainability.

We measure the benefits that PGT provides the global community in terms of our impact in three core areas:

Safeguarding the Food Supply

Infectious diseases are continuing to cause devastating economic losses for food producers, animal sickness and threats to human health. We strive to develop the latest vaccine technologies that provide safe and low-cost solutions that will reduce animal sickness, increase yields for farmers and improve the safety of the human food chain.

Reducing Impact of Antibiotic Resistance

A substantial contributor to the global escalation of antibiotic resistance in the human population is the widespread use of antibiotics in food producing animals. Experts believe the most sustainable and socially responsible solution to controlling animal disease is through new, safe and effective vaccines. PGT’s vaccines are developed for the purpose of providing these solutions and directly contribute to addressing this growing threat to human health. 

Deploying a Lean Business Model

PGT employs a lean business model that facilitates the production of low-cost solutions, reduces our burden on the environment and ensures the sustainability of our mission. Our vaccine technologies were designed for use in animal health which necessitates providing low-cost solutions. The principle of cost-effectiveness runs through our operation which relies on an established global network in academia and industry and we utilize existing resources and facilities that can be leveraged for greater productivity.

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