Aegis Vaccine Platform: A New Paradigm in Cross Protective Vaccines

The Aegis Vaccine Platform, discovered and developed by a team of leading veterinary medicine and immunologists, offers a new paradigm in cross protective vaccines.

PGT owns the exclusive global rights to develop effective vaccines against viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases in animals using microbial vectors, including both bacteria and yeasts. Aegis utilizes low-cost recombinant technology for the insertion of bacterial, viral or protozoan genes into microbial vectors targeting specific antigens that are universal across a range of pathogen strains, serovars and even species of the targeted pathogen.

The vaccines are manufactured by a low-cost fermentation process and are shelf-stable, making them accessible to livestock producers.

All inactivated Aegis vaccines are delivered using the Hercules Universal Adjuvant System.

How are Aegis vaccines different from traditional vaccines?

Existing vaccines only offer protection against strains present in the vaccine, meaning there is little or no cross protection and it cannot protect against genetic shifts, mutations and appearance of different strains, rendering many vaccines ineffective.

Aegis vaccines offer broad spectrum cross protection, reducing or eliminating the need for multiple vaccines and addresses this problem of mutation.

Traditionally, inactivated vaccines are only available as injectables, meaning it is labour intensive and cost restrictive for livestock producers to administer.

Aegis vaccines can deliver live or inactivated vaccines orally via water or spray. This flexibility in administration and dosage makes Aegis vaccines ideal for large livestock populations such as poultry.

Aegis Vaccines in development

The company’s lead vaccine targeting Salmonella and Campylobacter in poultry is expected to launch in 2019 in the United States.

An additional vaccine targeting Salmonella and E. coli in swine is completing efficacy trials and is expected to be out-licensed to a [global] partner in 2018.

We have other vaccines in development which are at the out-licensing stage as well as a pipeline of vaccine candidates currently in proof-of-concept testing. For updates on our pipeline, click here.