PGT’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program


PGT is committed to the socially responsible use of our products and technology to save or improve lives, improve the quality and safety of food, and protect our environment.

We engage in research and development and commercial partnerships that can address areas of serious unmet needs in human food safety and livestock health. We partner with universities, pharmaceutical and animal health companies to gain insights into livestock diseases and create solutions that will improve food production and, ultimately, lives.

PGT is developing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in which we will make our vaccines available to markets most in need, but which cannot afford them at commercial prices.  In the longer term, we will also quantify our rate of return based on our efforts to make a significant contribution toward the reduction of devastating infectious diseases which extract a heavy human and financial toll in the developing world. We believe that a comprehensive and thoughtful CSR program will benefit the global community without compromising our primary responsibility to our investors.