PGT’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program


PGT measures return on investment in two ways.  Firstly, our primary goal is to ensure that our investors receive an attractive rate of return on the capital invested in PGT.  In addition, we will also consider the benefits PGT provides the global community in terms of the impact our products have on the incidence of targeted infectious diseases in the markets we serve.

PGT is developing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in which we will make our vaccines available to those portions of society most in need, but which cannot afford them at commercial prices.  In the longer term, we will also quantify our rate of return based on our efforts to make a significant contribution toward the reduction of devastating infectious diseases which extract a heavy human and financial toll in the developing world.  We believe that PGT can achieve both a high rate of return on invested capital and benefit the global community.

Care will be taken that the business and CSR models work together in a productive manner: the CSR Model will not undermine the Business Model, but rather facilitate it.  At the same time, PGT will make resources available to ensure an effective use of the Technology Platform for our CSR goals.