Adjuvant/Delivery Systems


PGT owns the exclusive global rights to a patent-pending, broadly efficacious adjuvant/delivery system technology, “Hercules.” PGT is using Hercules in its vaccine candidates that are licensed to third parties where Hercules demonstrated significant efficacy. PGT has undertaken trials of Hercules against several other human and animal pathogens in a range of vaccines in co-operation with groups in North America, the UK and South East Asia.

PGT has acquired an option on the rights to an antibody-guided antigen delivery system that targets vaccine antigens at specific immune system receptors.  This platform, “Javelin”, is in the late discovery research phase and is being developed to address both viral and bacterial diseases in animals, and depending on the outcome of animal trials, Javelin will be modified and tested for human applications. The first field trial of Javelin is planned to take place in South East Asia against H5N1 in poultry.